Established in 1991, Take the Cake is a small batch bakery that creates some of the best cakes, cheesecakes, pies and tarts that Houston has to offer.

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Small Batch

Small Batch means that we never bake more then 8 cakes at a time - no matter the hundreds of cakes we make each week. We even mix our Hummingbird Cake and Black Out Cake by hand so we never over-mix the batter and it comes out perfect each time.

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Pure INgredients

Everything we bake is made from scratch, on site, on a daily basis using fresh eggs, pure vanilla and sweet butter. We even use fresh carrots and grate them right before we fold them into our famous Carrot Cake. Fresh tastes best.

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Houston’s Best

We believe our customers know the difference between made from scratch and mass produced. This attention to detail is one reason our customers keep coming back and spreading the word about the little bakery in Houston that makes great cakes.