Take the Cake is a small batch bakery that is locally owned and operated. Owner Anabel Trudeau (who runs the business) and her husband Brent are both Culinary Institute of America (New York) graduates. Anabel graduated with honors with a degree in Culinary Arts and the Baking Majors Program from the CIA.

From New York, Anabel and Brent traveled to Belgium where they worked for months in two small Michelin rated hotels for room and board. This is where Anabel baked European style meringues, tortes and galletes. From there, on to Paris. They spent a week looking for a job while eating freshly baked croissants and incredible pastries and while standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, they realized their love of good food had taken them on a journey to be well rounded chefs. They couldn’t find a job there, so they hopped on a train to Switzerland after hearing there was a fellow CIA graduate… who had married a Swiss Chef… that owned a hotel with his family….who might be willing to hire them! A stint in the small hotel led to a trip to Boerne (the capital of Switzerland). The chocolates in Belgium made a lasting impression on Anabel, where she learned that using great chocolates in any application made a difference in the final product.

During their time in Europe, Anabel came to the realization that even though the pastries, tortes, and breads were world class, it wasn’t what she grew up baking and eating as a teenager. Take the Cakes famous carrot cake? Anabel’s mother’s recipe. And so is the Italian Cream Cake. Anabel grew up baking from scratch, because that’s what her mother taught her and insisted on. And even though being a Pastry Chef and a bakery owner were not in the life plans at the time, the love of baking is what eventually drew her to the profession.

Returning to the U.S., Brent and Anabel moved to San Antonio, Texas where Anabel was the first Pastry Chef for a now famous Italian restaurant franchise. From there, they moved to Houston where she was a Pastry Chef for Houston’s largest and best catering company and proceeded to make desserts for 2 U.S. Presidents and the Economic Summit.

After that Anabel was ready to start her own business in 1991. She began with 2 small accounts and the business grew from there. Returning to her roots and making tall American style cakes, was her pursuit. She found that the knowledge in her back pocket of the flavors, textures and appearance of the European desserts helped her develop a dessert menu that would appeal to everyone. “Fancy” desserts have no place at Take the Cake, but great tasting cakes, cheesecakes, pies and tarts do.

It is Anabel’s strong belief that everything that leaves her shop must taste good every time, no matter how big or small the cake. There is no such thing as “good enough” and it is a notion that is carried on to this day.

Throughout the years, Anabel and her staff have sold thousands of cakes to customers in and around Houston. Not only from her shop where customers drive long distances to the little, out of the way bakery in Bear Creek, but to the many, many restaurant accounts who sell Take the Cakes desserts to their customers. We’re excited and driven everyday by the reaction we get from our customers to what we do and how we do it. Baking is our passion and our customers are why we love it!